HEERF Public Disclosure

Vermont State’s legacy institutions – Castleton University, Northern Vermont University, and Vermont Technical College – posted all Higher Education Relief Fund (HEERF) disclosures on their websites as required by the U.S. Department of Education. Since those institutions no longer exist, this page provides links to archived pages from each institution.

This chart summarizes the amounts awarded to each VTSU legacy institution:

Castleton UniversityNorthern Vermont UniversityVermont Technical College
HEERF I Student Aid$878,417$966,171$485,703
HEERF I Institutional Funds$878,417$966,170$485,703
HEERF I SIP Funds$87,103$94,217$48,400
HEERF II Student Aid$878,417$966,171$485,703
HEERF II Institutional Funds$2,195,923$2,564,011$1,327,806
HEERF II SIP Funds$131,641$146,491$76,986
HEERF III Student Aid$2,697,016$3,156,190$1,654,021
HEERF III Institutional Funds$2,686,625$2,939,006$1,624,414
HEERF III SIP Funds$240,220$263,177N/A

Castleton University

Northern Vermont University

Vermont Technical College