VSCS Social Media Policies


Social media is increasingly common for university departments, students and employees, and these communication tools can create a significant impact on organizational and professional reputations. The purpose of this policy and its related application process is to ensure that all social media interactions on behalf of the Vermont State Colleges System (VSCS) represent the VSCS’s best interests, and that individuals who speak on behalf of the System or one of its member institutions have the authority and approval to do so under the circumstances. This policy applies only to social media accounts and the use of social media accounts created to officially represent the VSCS and its constituent groups, departments, programs, and entities and not to individuals’ private social media accounts.


This policy applies to all social media accounts created by VSCS employees and agents for the official business purposes of the System, including Vermont State University (VTSU) and Community College of Vermont (CCV) faculty, staff, student employees or students with authorization, and to all VTSU and CCV departments and programs, and this policy applies to the use of those social media accounts by faculty, staff, student employees or students with authorization, and to all VTSU and CCV departments and programs.


  • The Vermont State Colleges System supports the need for a strong presence in the social media realm. The VSCS encourages colleges, departments, programs, groups, and entities to be active in the social space and create social media accounts to build enriching relationships.
  • VSCS has developed this policy to help social media posters properly portray, promote, and protect its institutions and to assist VSCS entities in creating and managing their social media accounts. The policy also provides suggestions on how to protect personal and professional reputations while using social media. This policy requires that:
  • All VSCS social media accounts, whether existing or subsequently created, are subject to this policy, and all such VSCS social media accounts must go through the process set forth in this policy for an official review to be officially recognized by VTSU or CCV. This policy applies to all VSCS social media accounts whether they completed this official review process.
  • Officially recognized VSCS social media accounts and web pages will be reviewed and approved through an application process managed by the VTSU and CCV communications. Each social media account will have responsible administrators assigned.
  • Each officially approved account must include a disclaimer statement, in the prescribed form, regarding content and opinions contained on the site.
  • Inappropriate, unauthorized, injurious, inaccurate, and illegal content that does not comply with this policy or the Social Media Terms and Conditions may be removed by VSCS employees identified as account administrators or at the direction of the Social Media Policy Staff.
  • Best practices for social media accounts should be considered.

Guidelines for Content/Moderation

At the Vermont State Colleges, we strive to make our social media spaces welcoming and safe for all users to express their opinions. We do not hide or delete comments unless they clearly violate these guidelines. It is important to remember that anger is not, in and of itself, abusive, and that negative content may be part of a productive dialogue. The following guidelines should always be followed while moderating social media accounts representing Vermont State Colleges, Vermont State University, and the Community College of Vermont.

  • Threats: All comments or posts that compromise the safety or security of Vermont State Colleges community members, the public, or public systems must be documented and reported right away. Call 911 immediately if the threat is grave and imminent. Report all incidents to Public Safety, your direct supervisor, and the Marketing and/or Communication departments. 
  • Illegal Activity: Document and report any comments that depict, describe, or encourage illegal activity. Report the activity to the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist, Public Safety, and your direct supervisor. Call 911 if necessary. Hide the comment until it can be investigated. Do not delete the comment or engage with the user.
  • Obscenities: Comments that contain obscenities should be documented and hidden. If you are unsure about a comment, contact the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist for guidance.
  • Harassing, intimidating and/or abusive behavior: Document all comments that may be considered harassing, abusive, bullying, or intimidation. Hide the comments and report them to the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist. Consider deleting if the offense is severe.
  • Fraudulent activity: Any comments that seek to steal or hack our accounts, or those of our followers, should be documented and hidden or deleted immediately. Account administrators should be familiar with common phishing, hacking, and scamming tactics. If you are unsure about a comment, contact the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist.
  • Defamation and false claims: False statements should be documented and reported to the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist. Do not delete or hide these comments without guidance from the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist.
  • Off-Topic Comments: Comments not consistent with the subject matter or topical purpose for a specific account are not allowed. Commercial speech and/or solicitations by a person or entity other than Vermont State University or the Community College of Vermont is not allowed. Promoting a candidate campaigning for an election is not allowed.
  • Personal Identification: Comments that divulge someone else’s personal identifying information, non-public contact information, or information protected from disclosure by state or federal law, including but not limited to the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”) is not allowed. These comments should be documented and deleted immediately.
  • Copyright Infringement: Report all violations of intellectual property rights of any other party, such as copyright or trademark infringement to the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist. Do not hide or delete the comment unless requested by the Social Media Manager/Digital Marketing Strategist.

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