General Science

A woman looking through a microscope in a lab.

The General Science Concentration of Vermont State University’s Natural Science degree will encourage your fascination with the complexity and dynamism of the natural world — and nurture your curiosity and creativity about how to address the issues facing our planet.

This concentration provides a diverse foundation of scientific knowledge that will help you identify your ideal career path. Whether you want to attend graduate school or pursue medical training, teaching, or a science career, the General Science Concentration will prepare you to reach your goals.

You’ll build on a core of classes in biology, chemistry, geology, environmental science, and physics. As you move into upper-level coursework, you’ll have the flexibility to focus on the subject areas that fit your professional goals and interests.

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Why Study General Science at Vermont State

  • Learn in Nature: We prioritize out-of-the-classroom experiences. You’ll spend lots of time working in our greenhouses, labs, and natural Vermont ecosystems. 
  • Small Classes: You’ll work closely with passionate, experienced professors and have the opportunity to participate directly in their research. 
  • Flexible Options: We offer a wide range of classes and learning experiences across multiple campuses and online, giving you flexibility and room for exploration. 
  • Preparation for What’s Next: Our core curriculum will prepare you for a variety of careers, including medicine, teaching, biology research, and environmental consulting.