A group of dancers on a stage.

In the Dance Concentration in the Performance, Arts & Technology degree program, you’ll blend your study of dance performance with theater, music, and design to broaden your education and prepare for a variety of dance-related careers. You’ll be ready to take on roles as a choreographer, director, writer, or video designer. This multi-disciplinary approach will prepare you for a job in the type of dance that is happening in today’s modern world of performing arts. You’ll receive training in traditional and classical techniques and apply this training in the creation of new works.

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Why Study Dance at Vermont State

  • Two Dance Studios: Do what you love and maximize your time on the floor in our two dance studios. 
  • Original Choreography: You will use your artistic vision by choreographing and producing your own dance performance as part of your capstone course. There are many other opportunities to produce original choreography too. 
  • The Art of Self-Promotion: Learn ways to promote yourself, brand yourself, and stand out in the dance world.