A group of people sitting around a piano in a theater at Vermont State University.

In the Music Concentration of the Performance, Arts & Technology program, you will combine classroom music instruction with hands-on music production and on-stage musical performances. Direct, conduct, or perform your own work at Vermont State University’s Dibden Center for the Arts — which was originally built for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra with some of the very best acoustics in the state.

The concentration in Music coupled with the Performance, Arts & Technology core courses will help you build a well-rounded resumé that includes traditional music training and creative design credits in new contemporary works. You’ll graduate with multi-faceted knowledge of music theory, composition, performance, and production — preparing you for a life-long career in music.

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Why Study Music at Vermont State

  • Composition & Performance Opportunities: You’ll get plenty of hands-on composition and on-stage performance experience, helping you develop skills in all aspects of music production and performance. 
  • A Professional Foundation: You’ll study the fundamentals of both theory and practice. We’ll help you become a professional who is ready for a variety of music careers. 
  • World-Class Stage: You’ll perform at the Dibden Center for the Arts — with its world-class acoustics originally built for the Vermont Symphony Orchestra. 
  • Career Preparation: We let you run the show, giving you the opportunity to work on every aspect that goes into a performance, so you’ll graduate ready to jump into your music career. 

Student Stories

A man sitting in a chair with a notebook.

“I haven’t seen anything in the collegiate world as interdisciplinary as this program. I am so fortunate to be in an environment where people are asking you to do what you love. It’s an opportunity to learn how to create for yourself. I’m excited to see what happens over the next three years.” 

Matthew Parker