3D Technology

Creative company professional modeler creating 3D model using specialized software. Digital engineer developing prototype mesh using modern computer while sitting at desk in office.

The 3D modeling, imaging, and printing revolution is transforming society and a variety of industries. Practical and creative applications of 3D technology are now found in art, science, food, education, healthcare, automotive, construction, and manufacturing sectors. Vermont State’s Certificate in 3D Technology prepares you to understand and explain the applications of 3D technology in a broad range of fields from anthropology to manufacturing, employ the principles and practices, and demonstrate technical competency with a range of 3D technologies. Upon completion, you will be ready to apply your new knowledge in many fields or go on for further study. This certificate can also be added to your associate or bachelor’s degree program at Vermont State.

Why Study 3D Technology at Vermont State

  • Flexibility: Earn your certificate with just three courses. Enroll in all three simultaneously or take one at a time. 
  • Career Options: You’ll learn skills and knowledge applicable to many fields, including engineering and additive manufacturing, anthropology and archeology, art and illustration, and virtual and augmented reality.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: You’ll work with the software and hardware used right now by leading companies in multiple industries. 
  • Accessibility: The certificate program is open to Vermont State students, high school students, and working adults. 

Financial Aid for 3D Technology Students

Vermont State University is providing a high-quality, affordable option for degree completion to students across Vermont and beyond. More than 80 percent of Vermont State students are awarded financial aid, including new students, transfer students, international students, out-of-state students, and first-generation students. Our financial aid team is here to help you explore all your options.