Accepted Student Next Steps

Congratulations on your acceptance! We are pleased to welcome you to Vermont State, where you’ll spend every day building a clear and confident future. Our community is excited to have you join us, and we look forward to the work we’ll do together.

Your First Steps to Enrollment: Check Your Admissions & Financial Aid Information

Reply to Your Offer of Admission

You’ve made your decision and you’re ready to make it official! Accept your offer of admission by completing the Decision Reply Form on your Application Status Page. Your Decision Reply Form will appear after you have viewed your admission letter, by clicking “View Update” on your status page.

Submit your Enrollment Deposit

Deposit will ensure you receive important enrollment information and is required to proceed with enrollment steps. If you haven’t already, please go to your Application Status Page to submit your deposit. The option to submit your deposit will appear after you have completed your Decision Reply Form. Deposit is typically due by May 1 for fall enrollment and December 1 for spring enrollment. Your deposit will be credited on your future Vermont State account.

Ensure your Application Status Page Checklist Items are Complete

Students often have items to complete after admission and prior to enrollment, such as making sure your final, official transcripts are on file when they are available. Please go to your Application Status Page to view your checklist. Additional items may be required for your specified program of study. 

Access Your Vermont State Portal 

The portal is a Vermont State Colleges System and university environment you now have access to as an admitted student. Log in to your Vermont State Portal and be prepared with your username and password for future use. You are able to select ‘Admitted Students’ to log in to view items of interest, such as your financial aid. You will use the portal for more as you progress toward enrollment, such as to view your class schedule. 

Understand Cost of Attendance  

View detailed tuition and fee information on our robust Tuition and Fees page. We are happy to help you understand your costs and encourage you to connect with your admissions counselor to walk through this information with you. Your counselor’s contact information appears on your Application Status Page.   

Apply for Financial Aid 

For more information about types of financial aid, how to apply, and understanding your aid, please see our robust Financial Aid information pages. If you haven’t already done so, complete your Financial aid application (FAFSA) and have it reported to Vermont State. Our FAFSA code is 003698. Make sure the Financial Aid Office has all your documents, found on your portal. Bill and payment information will be available after registration. 

Your Next Steps to Enrollment: Complete Student Life Forms & Requirements

Detailed information for fall 2023 will be available in spring 2023.  

As we are becoming Vermont State University, offices across our current institutions are working diligently to align all forms and processes. Below is a list of items you can anticipate having to do this spring and summer, prior to fall 2023 enrollment. As forms and requirements are fully established, links and information on how to complete each item will appear here. Thank you for your patience.  

Submit your Residence Life Housing Contract

If you plan to reside in campus housing, you will need to submit a Residence Life Housing Contract. First and second year students are required to live on campus if not commuting from their or their parent’s home.

Complete and return your Health Form

This is required by Vermont State Law to attend class. Please note there will be a separate form for allied health programs. 

Complete your TRIO Form

TRIO grant funding enables the university to provide additional academic support services to students who are eligible, such as students who are first-generation, income-eligible, or students with documented disabilities. The TRIO form will help us determine your eligibility for the TRIO grant.  

Submit information and a photo for your Student ID

When you enroll, Public Safety will use a passport quality photo for your ID card. Your ID card will serve as your overall campus identification and will be used for many purposes, such as to get into campus buildings and to access your meal plan.  

Register your Vehicle

All students must register their vehicle with Public Safety each year, if commuting by car or planning to bring a vehicle to campus. 

Steps to Enrollment for Your Program: Complete Additional Programmatic Requirements

Many of our programs also have additional information for new students and/or required materials students will need to bring. As we are becoming Vermont State University, information for some programs may be in final development. Below is a list of programs with expected further requirements for enrollment. As requirements are fully established, information will be listed and linked here. Thank you for your patience. 

Specifications and associated IT recommendations and services will be linked here as soon as available.

Vermont State University Orientation Program 

Detailed information for fall 2023 will be available in late spring 2023.  

As we are becoming Vermont State University, offices across our current institutions are working diligently to align all registration and orientation programs. Below is an outline of anticipated programs for new students entering this fall 2023. Admissions will connect with new, incoming students to inform of detailed next steps for registration and orientations after May 1st has passed, in mid-May, and then on a rolling basis through to the semester start.  

The first day of fall term classes is Monday, August 21. Here are the steps that will prepare you for registering and making your transition to the university successful:  

Complete Vermont State 101 

Vermont State 101 is an online orientation program that will ensure you complete enrollment steps, prepare you for your course registration, and help you understand keys to your success as a new Vermont State student. This will be required before you register for your classes. 

Engage in an Advising Conversation to Register 

Together with a university expert, you will discuss your class preferences, interests, and goals. You will register for classes during your advising conversation.  

Join us for Vermont State Days! 

You will be invited to campus events designed specifically for new students. These optional summer events are designed for you to connect, get comfortable, and have fun! Family programming will also be available.     

Attend Vermont State Kickoff 

At the semester start, all new students (first-year and transfer, living on campus or commuting) are encouraged to attend Vermont State Kickoff. This in-person orientation program is designed for you to further acclimate and connect with resources, faculty, staff, and students!  

Enjoy Welcome Week  

Welcome week is a series of welcome events during the first week of classes, so you know we are here, happy to help, and excited to support you on your new adventure.  

Stay Connected! 

Follow Vermont State on all social channels! 


Please reach out to the Admissions Office for any assistance with any part of your enrollment process. We can be reached at or by calling (888) 398-VTSU (8878).