Student Life at Vermont State

Happier, Healthier, Friendlier, Closer — that’s Student Life at Vermont State. Here, we know the college experience you’re looking for is a combination of campus location (we offer five!) and opportunities to make new friends, gain support, and expand your knowledge of the world along with your chosen academic program.

It’s the whole mix — from sports and clubs to service work and academic and wellness (both mental and physical health) support — that makes your higher education experience the launching point for your future. And we offer it all, at each Vermont State campus.

Safety is paramount on all of our campuses, and you’ll find we look out for each other in every way. Rooted in principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, our highest goal is for all students, faculty, and staff to feel safe and free from discrimination or harassment of any kind. With dedicated 24-hour public safety staff on each campus, we work to ensure you feel safe — and are safe — at all times.

We’re excited to welcome you to Vermont State! Read on to learn what each campus offers. All of the campus-based opportunities and experiences are available for students who choose to commute, too!

Each of Vermont State’s five campuses are located in towns with easy access to the services everyone needs, from restaurants and food stores to medical care. Each location also offers fantastic ways to enjoy this beautiful state — in ways both common and unique.