Mission, History & Values

Group of female students hold candles during evening vigil

Pioneering Accessible, Career-Focused Education for Every Learner 

At Vermont State University, students always come first. We build educational experiences to form students who will thrive in their personal and professional lives, facilitating positive change wherever their paths may lead.  

These are the mission and vision that give focus to our efforts.  


Vermont State University prepares all students for meaningful work and responsible citizenship by fostering their intellectual, personal, and creative growth in an accessible, caring, and inclusive community. 

As Vermont’s regional public university, our technological, professional, and liberal arts programs engage with partners throughout Vermont and beyond to provide students with rich real-world learning while meeting the needs of our communities and the state.  


We’re committed to the success of every student and to positive impact in the communities of Vermont. Specifically, we work to provide: 

  • Access: As Vermont’s regional public university with interconnected campuses and sites dispersed throughout the state, we’re positioned to provide flexible learning options and affordable tuition to put higher education within reach of every student in the state.   
  • Career Readiness: We will continue to design innovative, relevant programs that focus on student success and career readiness. We will meet students where they are and support them as they journey toward where they want to be.  
  • Multifaceted Growth: We will support students’ academic, social, and personal growth, as well as their futures as skilled leaders and lifelong learners through an integrated academic and extracurricular experience.  
  • Welcoming Community: We will embrace our differences and foster a culture in which all are heard, valued, and respected.   
  • Relational Connection: We will intentionally nurture the interactions and relationships that are at the heart of transformative education.   
  • Relevant Programs: We will design globally relevant programs spanning the technological, professional, and liberal arts that address the needs and challenges facing Vermont and our world. 
  • Off-Campus Experiences: Students will extend and apply their knowledge beyond the classroom and into our communities with our Green Mountain State as a living laboratory for exploration and growth. 
  • Community Engagement: We will embrace public engagement as our civic responsibility, actively contributing to the cultural and academic life of our state. As we do so, our students will gain an appreciation of community and be inspired to envision their impact on the world.  
  • A Lasting Legacy: The investments we make now in achieving these priorities will live on for generations in the positive contributions of our alumni to their families, their communities, our state, and our world. 

The Roots of Vermont State University 

The creation of Vermont State University is an exciting new chapter in higher education in Vermont. It is the continuation, however, of a much longer story of innovation and adaptation to the changing educational needs of Vermont’s students. Find out where it all began.