An Innovative Academic Experience

Ceaseless exploration and innovation form the foundation of how we educate. Simply put, it’s a way of life. We never tire of learning, and we’re always curious. Choose your path through Vermont State University’s 105+ rigorous and rewarding academic programs, in areas like applied technology, engineering, healthcare, education, business, psychology, climate change science, computer science, and the arts.

You’ll learn from expert faculty – scholars and artists to engineers, pilots, and many others – who bring significant real-world experience and passion for their field right into the classroom.

At Vermont State University, you can take classes in a way that fits your needs and goals – whether that’s in-person, online, or through mixing the two in a hybrid learning format.

Hands-on experience through internships, service learning, and co-op experiences is at the heart of many of our academic programs. You’ll make the connection between learning and doing through scientific research, creative work, performances, study abroad or away, and a wide variety of courses and student activities that provide simulations or other opportunities to jump right in.

Meet Our Students

“Here, we’re doing set design, studying literature — everything that goes into creating plays and movies, every aspect of performance art. We’re learning how to push the envelope, how to create art and theater in new ways. It’s so unique.”

Addie White Performance, Arts, and Technology

Finding a flexible solution to pursue his MBA was key, as Max had to balance full-time work with his studies. This program “offered a very time-effective and cost-effective opportunity to continue my education.”

Max Tempel Media and Communication, Master of Business Administration

Roslyn discovered her passion for automation through an internship with a company she’s now employed with. “Automating a process makes someone’s life easier. It is gratifying to have a working program that positively affects someone else’s workflow.”

Roslyn Parker Computer Software Engineering