Resources for Parents and Families

On behalf of all of us at Vermont State University, we would like to acknowledge how important you are to the success of your student. We are excited to meet you and look forward to welcoming you to our community as an extension of your student.  

We believe that students are the drivers of their education. Some students might be accustomed to having a parent or other support person participate in their education frequently, and other students are accustomed to making most of their own decisions. Wherever your student is on that spectrum, you are an important part of their team. As they proceed through their university journey, your support and encouragement can make a tremendous difference in your student’s success inside and outside the classroom.

Our whole community of faculty and staff are here to support you, as you support your student, by offering information and resources. Please connect with admissions with your important questions. We are happy to help you navigate this journey in support of your student.