Psychology, B.A.

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In the Vermont State Psychology B.A. online program, you’ll learn about human behavior, develop critical-thinking skills, and gain real-world experiences to use your classroom knowledge. In our high-impact psychology online degree program, you’ll explore career options such as working with children and families, community organizations and agencies, and/ or the mentally ill in areas like addiction, education, criminal justice, health and wellness, and other specialties.

In the small, tight-knit community of our psychology major, faculty and peers will support you as you develop your knowledge and professional vision while expanding your viewpoints and embracing the value of lifelong learning. You’ll finish the program prepared to pursue — and excel in — a range of psychology careers and jobs in and outside of the field of psychology.

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Why Study Psychology at Vermont State

  • A Flexible Format: You can tailor our online program to suit your schedule. You’ll build a close learning community with your peers and professors.  
  • Diverse, Relevant Skills: In addition to psychology-specific knowledge, our program focuses on skills that are important in any job. You’ll develop strengths in communication, critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, and presentation.      
  • Hands-On Learning: Our program requires hands-on opportunities in the form of internships, so you can gain the type of experience with professionals in the field that employers want.    
  • Preparation for More Study: The Psychology B.A. program is a major step toward pursuing graduate study in psychology, counseling, social work, or clinical mental health at Vermont State or elsewhere.  The Psychology BA is also a versatile degree that serves as a credential for admission to graduate study in other fields like education, health, business, the arts, law, etc. 

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