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Brian Carroll


Placement Supervisor

Dr. Carroll is a veteran educator serving students challenged by conventional instructional practices in public schools of Virginia and Vermont.  As a mental health case manager in the 1980’s, he advocated for inclusive community placements for adults residing in institutions. As a special educator, he enhanced outcomes for reluctant learners through partnering with local businesses to create work placements that focused on learning skills related to academics.  He began his leadership endeavor developing training symposia for an international special education association that continued his advocacy for inclusive practices. Following that experience, he led a national non-profit foundation that advocated for increased arts in special education curriculum. In Vermont, Carroll assumed leadership responsibilities as director of special education programs in several rural schools, managing financial and human resources that focus on standards-based learning driven by highly effective instruction. In addition to special education, his interests and expertise involve effective school leadership, teacher collaboration and educator professional development.

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