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Heidi Krantz

VtSBDC Business Advisor (part-time), Northeast Kingdom

With an Associate’s degree in Animal Science from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and a Bachelor of Science in Recreation Management and Regional Planning from the University of Massachusetts, Heidi set out on a scenic career path. She has held employment with state, federal, and municipal agencies including work as a coordinator of community development, business manager at a small private high school, and years working as a naturalist in state parks. Heidi has also been involved in nonprofit management as both staff and a board member, and was a co-founder and owner of Umiak Outfitters, a retail and tourism business based in Stowe, VT. Starting at VtSBDC as an advisor for the Vermont Food Venture Center of the Center for Agricultural Economy from 2010-14, Heidi has been a regional advisor in the Northeast Kingdom since 2015. Her specialty is value-added food production, tourism and outdoor recreation.

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