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Helen Mango



Helen Mango has taught geology and chemistry at Castleton for 32 years. She received her bachelor’s degree in geology from Williams College, and her Ph.D. in geology from Dartmouth College. Her research focus is geochemistry: the application of chemical principles to solve geologic problems. Her early work concentrated on the geochemistry of ore deposits in Mexico. Understanding how metals are transported by hydrothermal (“hot water”) solutions during ore deposit formation led her to change her research focus to how metals are transported by groundwater and can lead to contamination of drinking water. She has applied this to groundwater systems in Mexico and Vermont. Helen loves to travel, and has shared this enthusiasm with students for decades, leading geology travel courses to Costa Rica and, now, to Iceland. She is also currently researching Icelandic soil chemistry with a Castleton biology colleague who is working on reforestation projects in Iceland. For fun, Helen unsuccessfully attempts to stay a step ahead of the weeds in her garden, and she sings with several area groups, including the Irish group Extra Stout.