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James Noyes


Associate Professor

Dr. Noyes spent twenty years in the hospitality and recreation industry working in a variety of leadership positions including operations, food and beverage, retail, and adventure/activities. Drawing upon these diverse experiences has allowed him to create a multi-layered approach to his teaching in which students are challenged to think conceptually about their work while remaining grounded in the current realities facing business industries. He has also served as a professional development trainer for supervisors and business leaders focusing on business management theory and competency-based practices in a variety of industry sectors.

Dr. Noyes believes that students who engage in experiential learning gain the dual reward of engaging critical inquiry and practical experience, which better prepares them to live fulfilling lives and rewarding careers. His extensive experience in developing and facilitating co-operative learning models and field-based practicums has allowed for the creation of a holistic educational environment in which students work with community partners on projects ranging from organizational behavior analysis to evaluating technology needs for local businesses. This project-based learning opportunities have created unique and meaningful learning experiences, as well as grounded the work of the institution into the fabric of the community in addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing our local communities.

Dr. Noyes has continued to focus his research on the effects of stress in the work environment and how leaders can learn to reorient themselves and their relationship with stress through the integration of contemplative practices to develop a new way of being. Dr. Noyes is active within the community, serving on his local school board as well as being a member of the district SAU 35 executive committee. He also continues to serve as a board of directors’ member for New Hampshire School Board Association.


Plymouth State University, Doctor of Education: Learning, Leadership, and Community
Graduated August 2020

Castleton State University, Master of Business; Organizational Change
Graduated May 2022

Plymouth State University, Master of Arts Personal & Organizational Wellness: Organizational Approaches to Transformational Healing
Graduated May 2021

Plymouth State University, Master of Education; Secondary Education, Curriculum & Instruction
Graduated May 2015

Course Subjects Taught

• Fundamentals of Business Management
• Organizational Behavior
• Ethical Leadership (Graduate)
• Intro to Business Software Technology & Information Systems
• Project Management
• Human Resource Management (Undergraduate and Graduate)
• Survey of Economics
• Operations Management
• Leadership & Small Group Dynamics
• Personal Finance
• Strategic Management
• Management Field Practicum
• Program & Event Planning
• Senior Practicum
• Resort Law & Risk Management
• Internship/Co-Operative learning experience(s)
• Community Service and Civic Engagement