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Julie Theoret



Professor Theoret is a native of Essex Junction, Vermont. She did her undergraduate work at the University of Vermont, where she briefly flirted with the idea of being an engineer before deciding that math and mathematics education were a better fit.

After getting her Ph.D. in non-associative algebra at the University of Virginia, she taught for a year at Susquehanna University in Pennsylvania, before moving back home to Vermont. She began teaching at Lyndon in Fall 2000. She taught there for eight years before transferring to Johnson in Fall 2008.

Professor Theoret enjoys teaching at VTSU Johnson because of its small community and the ability to get to know her students outside of the classroom. Her passion is helping students, who struggle with math, realize that they can do math and that it is both useful and relevant to their lives. She has written a Quantitative Reasoning course and a History of Mathematics course, which emphasizes the contributions of diverse peoples and cultures to the development of mathematics over thousands of years. She has been an instructor with the Vermont Mathematics Initiative Master’s Program since 2001.

In addition to teaching mathematics, she coordinates the VTSU Interdisciplinary Studies BA Program, which allows students to create a unique, yet cohesive, plan of study aligned with their personal and career goals.

Professor Theoret is an avid fan of singing and musical theater – as a viewer, but also as a participant. She has been in Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance six times. She also enjoys playing cards and board games, vacationing at the beach with her family, and snuggling with her cats.