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Leslie Damon


Leslie Damon teaches courses in both the Software Engineering and the Information Technology programs. She teaches across the curriculum, with her Fall semester often including one course per level: Introduction to Java with first-year students, Quality Assurance and Testing with 2nd-year students, Data Structures and Algorithms for 3rd year, and Operating Systems with the seniors. She enjoys teaching on the systems side of software engineering, at the intersection between software, hardware and infrastructure.

Prior to becoming a full time member of the faculty, Leslie was an adjunct instructor at Vermont Tech for seven years, while also working full time in the field. Leslie spent close to 30 years in the computing industry in a variety of roles. She has worked in system administration, software development, quality assurance, corporate teaching, project management, operations management and technical support. She has been a hiring manager for multiple companies, and still finds that it is easier to find people with technical skills than the ability to talk and write about technology. Being a jack of all trades, finding new jobs was always an interesting experience, since she is definitely a square peg in a world of round holes!

Leslie grew up half in Vermont and half in North Carolina, before coming back to Vermont to raise her son. When not teaching, Leslie is likely to be reading a fantasy or mystery book or surfing the web to keep up on current events, with one of her cats sleeping on her lap.