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Scott Roper


Professor of Geography

Scott Roper has been fascinated with places as long as he can remember. He moved around a lot as a child before his family settled down in southern New Hampshire when he was eight years old. A subscription to National Geographic in middle school cultivated his interest in geography, and by his senior year in high school he was actively researching the cultural and historical landscapes of Manchester, New Hampshire. He received his BA from Clark University, followed by an MA from the University of North Dakota and a PhD from the University of Kansas, all in Geography.

Scott has taught college-level courses in Geography, Geology, History, and Environmental Studies for more than 30 years. His research focuses on the human geography and regional landscapes of North America, particularly as they relate to race, ethnicity, and migration. In the past, with funding from National Geographic, he worked to promote K-12 geography education in Vermont. Today he is heavily involved in architectural history and historic preservation research, including the Castleton Granger House project through which VTSU students have been able to present their findings at international conferences.

A former selectman who still involves himself in local politics from time to time, Scott lives in New Hampshire with his wife, best friend, and frequent research partner, Stephanie. When he’s not on campus, you can usually find him analyzing cemeteries and old houses, looking for cellar holes, or following the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins.