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Tim Saeed

Associate Professor

Tim Saeed is an associate professor in the Department of Music and Performing Arts. He holds degrees in the areas of music theory and piano performance.

At VTSU, Tim instructs undergraduate music theory and musicianship courses, music history, and class piano. As a music theorist, his research interests include theories of expressive performance and analysis, with a focus on theories of accent and rhythm as a basis for performance. As a piano pedagogue, his instruction concentrates on healthy techniques to achieve natural ability. In more recent years, Tim has developed an interest in interdisciplinary analyses: music and literature, music and film, and music and visual arts. In addition to his academic interests and research, Tim is a performing pianist dedicated to the music of J. S. Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Liszt, and Brahms.

Tim encourages all his students to explore traditions, knowledge, and experiences brought forth by various composers and performers. He approaches the study of music history as a means to develop a deeper understanding of all music, past and present. Tim also believes that knowledge of music fundamentals is one of the stages of every musician’s journey toward the development of their own voice in music. His belief is to help students see and experience music as an ongoing live performance-structured, organized, and yet free and expanding.