VTSU Announces Extraordinarily High National Nursing Licensure Exam Pass Rate for New Nurses

A close-up of a patch on a blue uniform that says Vermont State University Nursing.

Vermont State University (VTSU) Announces Extraordinarily High National Nursing Licensure Exam Pass Rates for New Nurses

Percentage of VTSU students passing significantly higher than the national average

The Vermont State University (VTSU) recently announced the percentages of its graduates who passed their National Council Licensure Examinations (NCLEX®) on the first attempt. Aspiring nurses must pass the applicable exam to earn licensure and legally practice nursing in the United States. The licensure exams assess a graduate’s critical thinking abilities, knowledge, and skills in nursing content areas studied while in school to ensure that they can make quality nursing clinical judgments and provide safe care. Graduates of practical nursing programs take the NCLEX-PN® and become licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Associate and bachelor’s degree graduates take the NCLEX-RN® to become registered nurses.

“This is a testament to the excellent nursing faculty and staff we have at all our VTSU locations, and we are very proud of these scores,” said Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences, Sarah Billings-Berg. “It’s also a measure of the support the leaders of Vermont State University have shown for our program. Our students receive a high-quality education that meets them where they are to make certain they have every opportunity to become licensed and work in this very fulfilling career field.”

The 2023 VTSU NCLEX-PN® and NCLEX-RN® pass rates are as follows:

  • VTSU Practical Nursing Certificate Graduates, NCLEX-PN® First Time Test Takers:
    • 100% passed
    • The national average is 83.62%
  • VTSU Associate of Science in Nursing Graduates, NCLEX-RN® First Time Test Takers:
    • 94.8% passed
    • The national average is 86.82%
  • VTSU Bachelor of Science in Nursing Graduates, NCLEX-RN® First Time Test Takers:
    • 92.98% passed
    • The national average is 89.52%

“At VTSU, we believe strongly in our mission of developing quality programs that offer our students affordable and relevant degrees and certificates that build the workforce here in Vermont,” expressed Mike Smith, Interim President of the University. “This is a perfect example of the fruits of that work. Our state and our nation desperately need nurses and VTSU is growing our programs significantly to meet this demand and doing so with great success. I congratulate the faculty and staff in the nursing program, along with the hard-working students who achieved these great results.”