Max Tempel

Max Tempel arrived as a transfer student and he decided to stay for a while.  

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in  media and communication with a concentration in public relations and a marketing minor in 2020, Max chose Castleton to continue his education by pursuing a master of business administration degree with a concentration in leading organizational change. 

Max, who  lives in Averill Park, New York, works full-time for Northwestern Mutual as an associate financial advisor. He chose to continue his education at Castleton because it offered affordability and convenience.  

“I have always had an end goal of achieving the MBA. It is the prestige business degree, and I felt it would put me on another level,” he said. “When looking into MBA programs, I picked up that Castleton had one of the best rates in the country for an MBA. I also noticed that Castleton ran its program fully online, and courses were eight-week blocks. This offered a very time-effective and cost-effective opportunity to continue my education.” 

Finding a flexible solution to pursue his MBA was important because he had to balance full-time work with his studies and a remaining year of eligibility on the wrestling team. The endeavor has been well worth it. 

“Graduate school has broadened my knowledge of the business field, and my classmates have changed my perspective on things in many ways,” he said. “I believe you get pushed by classmates more than you would as an undergrad. They help you learn just as much of the coursework and professor does. It has been a very rewarding experience thus far.” 

Max says he will cherish the many memories that Castleton brought into his life and will forever be grateful to call Castleton a second home.  

“My favorite thing about Castleton is the people. I met so many great people and leaders throughout my time there,” he said. “Whether it was my peers, staff, professors, or coaches, they all had a great impact on my life from the first day I arrived. The Castleton Way and community are truly a unique and powerful influence.”