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The private sector of meteorology has seen tremendous growth in recent years. We have designed this Atmospheric Sciences Private Industry Concentration after careful and thoughtful consultation with professionals in the private sector to ensure you will have the right skills to embark on a successful career.

Vermont State University’s Private Industry Concentration graduates go on to a wide range of careers in meteorology, including commercial forecasting, IT, hardware and software development, trading in the commodities markets, and developing satellite technology.

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Ari Preston

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences


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Why Study Private Industry at Vermont State

  • Technology: You’ll be able to work with both hardware and software currently in use nationally and globally in a variety of professional settings.  
  • Small Classes: Our dedicated faculty will work closely with you in the classroom, the lab, and the field.  
  • Cross-disciplinary Learning: You’ll study a variety of fields, from math and physics to business and economics to modeling and analysis.  

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Sample Courses

  • Fundamentals of Management in Business 
  • Principles of Marketing 
  • Numerical Weather Prediction 
  • Introduction to Media Communication 
  • Weather Risk Assessment 

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Student Stories

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“My time spent at Lyndon were some of the best years of my life – not only because of my successes in the classroom, but also because of the lifelong friendships and opportunities that came from the unique school atmosphere.”

Megan Lataille

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“I think the most critical piece of this is being able to communicate uncertainty openly and honestly. I really loved being able to travel abroad while I was at Lyndon. It is so eye-opening and rewarding to see the world and experience different cultures.”

Mitchell Most

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