Atmospheric Sciences, B.S.

Three students stand in a circle on a rooftop releasing a giant white balloon.

Attend a meteorology conference. Launch a weather balloon. Present the weather live on local TV. Chase down a thunderstorm.

This isn’t your ordinary atmospheric sciences program.

In this renowned program, the only one of its kind in Vermont, follow your passion and dive deep into the study of forecasting, meteorology, weather, and climate science. With our on-campus TV station, weather center, and observation deck, you’ll acquire hands-on experience to give you the edge for meteorologist jobs. Graduates of our Atmospheric Sciences program have worked for industry leaders like The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, and the National Weather Service, and gained admission to top graduate programs.

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Ari Preston

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences


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Why Study Atmospheric Sciences at Vermont State?

  • Hands-On Learning: Prepare for a job with a wealth of practical experience. Hone your skills in our weather center, observation deck, and on-campus TV studio with weather graphics workstations. Participate in fieldwork, including storm chasing, weather and climate research, and operational forecasting. 
  • Regional Leadership: Take the lead among your peers. Plan and participate in the Northeastern Storm Conference — hosted by Vermont State students. It is the longest-running and largest student-run weather conference in the nation, with over 300 attendees each year. 
  • Professional Network: Build relationships that will advance your career. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to attend and present at national conferences such as the American Meteorological Society and American Geophysical Union annual meetings. Fieldwork, internships, and other professional development activities will also extend your contacts. After graduation, you’ll join a tight-knit alumni network that will broaden your opportunities while providing fellowship and support.   
  • Solid Job Outlook: Enter a career with opportunities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of atmospheric scientists, including meteorologists, is projected to grow four percent from 2021 to 2031. 
  • Gateway to Graduate Studies: Pursue graduate studies for advanced career opportunities. Graduates of the Atmospheric Sciences program are continuing their education in master’s and doctoral programs at schools across the country. 

Concentrations in Atmospheric Sciences, B.S.

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Sample Courses

  • Introduction to Climatology 
  • Atmospheric Thermodynamics 
  • Mesoscale Meteorology 
  • Classical Physics I 

Student Stories

A young man in a striped polo leans against a brick balcony and smiles at the camera, mountains are in the background.

“The atmospheric sciences program is preparing me for my career by offering courses that are very relevant to what we’ll be doing once we graduate. One of the greatest things is that they’re really connecting us to the alumni network, so we’ll have a lot of contacts to reach out to when we graduate. The atmospheric sciences alumni group is super tight-knit.” 

Jonathan Hutchinson
a young woman in a blue dress posing for a photo.

“The broadcasting experience you get here is 10 times better than other places,” she says. “You get in-studio experience you can’t find anywhere else. It’s very hands-on.” 

Madison Rodgers
a man in a suit and tie smiles for the camera.

“In every way, I’m building my resume. I’m getting a robust applied way of learning…I’m developing both personally and professionally because of VTSU.” 

Francis Tarasiewicz

Meet Our Faculty

Man in a blue shirt smiles at the camera.

Associate Professor of Atmospheric Sciences

  • Lyndon Campus

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