Literature & Writing, B.A.

As a Vermont State Literature & Writing B.A. student, you’ll gain skills to succeed as a writer, whether you want to be a journalist, communications specialist, author, editor, or fill another role. As workforce needs continue to shift, you’ll be prepared to make your impact in diverse communications jobs in fields including law, teaching, business, medicine, government, and journalism.

Through our supportive faculty, small classes, and tight-knit Vermont State community, you’ll develop strengths that all employers want: communication, creativity, and critical thinking. Internships and on-campus, hands-on opportunities will give you the real-world experience your resumé needs when you pursue writing jobs, graduate school, or other options.

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Why Study Literature & Writing at Vermont State?

  • Skills Employers Expect: Our program will prepare you and your peers for writing careers and other communications positions through opportunities to apply the reading, speaking, and writing skills you learn. You’ll also develop the ability to create powerful visual media that makes an impact.    
  • Teacher Track Option: If you want to pursue licensure in secondary education, our faculty will guide you through the process, so you can graduate and walk into a teaching position.   
  • Diverse Career Paths: The Literature & Writing B.A. offers you a wide-open career landscape with many different paths. Our graduates have had positions as web and marketing managers, English teachers, spokespeople, credit analysts, wholesale buyers, librarians, technical writers, and in other varied roles.  

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Sample Courses

  • ​​Internship in English​ 
  • Capstone 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Studies in Publishing  

Student Stories

A black and white photo of Angela Weekes, a woman with short brunette hair wearing a string of pearls and smiling standing outside in front of a tree

“Each of my professors has shown a genuine interest in helping me cultivate my skills. They have focused on what I am learning and understanding. This has helped me take more away from each class.”

Angela Weekes

“You often don’t know the impact you’re having on students until later. I’m a new teacher, but I’ve already had students come back and thank me. It’s nice to know you’re a positive influence.”

Gabby Fecher
A photo of Gabby Fecher, a young woman with long brunette hair smiling sitting at a piano

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