Outdoor Education, Leadership & Tourism, B.S.

Want to lead expeditions, work in ski and mountain resort management, become a mountain guide, or lead others in a therapeutic recreation setting, or chase another career in the outdoors? The Outdoor Education, Leadership & Tourism program at Vermont State University equips you to jump into an array of management roles in the outdoor field. Learn about environmental science, education, biology, and psychology while you play in Vermont and the White Mountains. Become an expert backpacker and canoeist while working toward national-level certifications in areas like rock, ice, and alpine climbing, backcountry skiing, ropes course leadership, and more.

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Amanda Ley

Assistant Director of Admissions


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Brad Moskowitz

Professor & Program Coordinator: Outdoor Education, Leadership, and Tourism


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Why Study Outdoor Education, Leadership & Tourism at Vermont State?

  • Only Program in the U.S.: We have the only university degree program in the country to be accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). Additionally, the Concentration in Mountain Resort Management is the only degree program of its kind, with two tracks to choose from: mountain operations or resort management.  
  • Great Job Options: In our program, you’ll get high-caliber preparation for rewarding jobs in outdoor education and resort management through internships at top-notch locations in Vermont, New Hampshire, Colorado, Alaska, and other places. Alumni from this program have worked at Yellowstone, Ski The East, Park City Mountain Resort, Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership Institute, Stowe Mountain Resort, and many more. 
  • National Certifications: You can increase your career opportunities by pursuing one or more certifications through the program. Some certifications you can prepare for include canoeing, kayaking, climbing, Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace, Challenge Course Practitioner, and others.   
  • Perfect Location: You’ll study, work, and play in the heart of Vermont, near some of the region’s most scenic terrain. We’re just minutes from Kingdom Trails and Burke Mountain, 40 miles from Franconia Notch, and 50 miles from Mount Washington.     
  • Close-Knit Community: Students and faculty in the program are supportive and form a tight-knit community. This can help you adjust to college life, find a mentor, build friendships, and increase your professional network for success.  

Concentrations in Outdoor Education, Leadership & Tourism, B.S.

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Vermont State’s Outdoor Education, Leadership & Tourism program is the only university program in the country to currently be accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA). This accreditation applies specifically to Vermont State’s rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, and backcountry ski programs.

The AMGA Accreditation Program ensures conformance to high technical standards, strong programs, and a quality staff of AMGA-certified and engaged and engaging climbing instructors and guides. 

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Sample Courses

  • ​​​​Internship in Outdoor Education, Leadership, & Tourism​ 
  • Leadership and Small Group Dynamics 
  • Mountain Resort Management Practicum 
  • Wilderness First Responder 
  • Fundamentals of Alpine Climbing 
  • Summer Mountain Operations  

Student Stories

A woman in a bike helmet has her hands on the handle bars of her bike as she smiles at someone facing away from the camera.

“If you’re willing to work hard, the professors can help you find a job after college that you’ll really like, and they have the connections to help you get that job. I feel like I’m ready to take on any outdoor job, anything where I’m outside and working with kids, which (the program) has completely prepared me for.” 

Marie Vaine
A young woman blond woman in a pink denim jacket smiles at the camera with her hand on her hip.

“You know the professors. They’re like friends who teach us things. I like how work-centered the whole program is. It’s real-life and very practical knowledge. You’re going to need all of the things you learn here forever if you choose to stay in the resort business.” 

Emma Moore
A woman in the woods kneels on the ground with her dog.

“The program was very hands-on, which was what I was looking for. The classes are very well thought out, and the curriculum made a lot of sense. And the staff had a lot of experience to share and could answer any question you had.” 

Jess Barber
A guy wearing a helmet hangs by one arm from the edge of a desert cliff.

“The mentorship and community are tight-knit and the OELT program really shaped me. The networking is phenomenal, too — the faculty help you get to where you want to go. Every professor knows you here, and it’s really great to get to know them, too.” 

John Willard

Meet Our Faculty

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  • Lyndon Campus

Associate Professor

  • Lyndon Campus

Man in neon yellow jacket smiles at the camera with a rock in his hand. While on a mountain.

Professor & Program Coordinator: Outdoor Education, Leadership, and Tourism

  • Lyndon Campus

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