Psychological Science, B.S.

In the Vermont State Psychological Science B.S. program, you’ll have opportunities to gain valuable real-world experience and prepare for several jobs that psychology majors pursue after graduation. You can tailor the program to your interests, so you’ll be prepared to make an impact in your career early on. You’ll study in a community that encourages exploration, innovation, and ongoing learning. That will help you stay on top of changes and trends in psychology careers and succeed in the long term.

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Why Study Psychological Science at Vermont State?

  • Accelerated Program: Save money and time by finishing your psychology bachelor degree in three or three-and-a-half years with our accelerated track. You’ll build skills throughout the program to stand out to employers.  
  • Diverse Job Options: You’ll have many ways to apply your skills after you finish. Our graduates are successful in psychology, law, business, education, and medicine.      
  • World-Class Curriculum: The Vermont State curriculum follows the recommendations of the American Psychological Association. You’ll study the same cutting-edge psychology offered at larger universities worldwide.    
  • Transition to More Study: Our program includes guidance to prepare for graduate study in psychology, whether you’re considering a Vermont State master’s degree or a master’s or doctoral degree elsewhere. Additionally, qualified students can be referred by full-time faculty to participate in the Bridge Program to Vermont State master’s degree programs in counseling or clinical mental health. Bridge Program students can take up to nine credits in our master’s degree programs in Counseling or Clinical Mental health. You could apply these credits toward both the upper-level breadth courses in your B.S. psychology degree as well as the Vermont State graduate degrees in counseling or clinical mental health. 

What You’ll Learn

In the Vermont State Psychological Science program, for much of the time you’ll learn by doing — and have many options for hands-on experiences to build skills:

  • Internships: You’ll complete at least one internship before you graduate. We offer hundreds of internship sites to choose from, so you can find one to fit your career path. Over 60 percent of interns are offered jobs directly from their internship sites.
  • Research: The Psychological Science B.S. includes two semesters of research methods coursework and students are encouraged to engage in opportunities to expand their research skills through faculty-student research collaborations. You can pursue cutting-edge topics, such as the genetics of addiction, language and cognitive development, the neuroscience of nature, and infant development.

Outside the Classroom, In the Community

In our program, you’ll have many ways to interact with the public, practice the skills you’ve learned, and make a difference in people’s lives. Our students have worked with at-risk children, at mental health and crisis clinics, doing wilderness therapy, with shelter or therapeutic animals, and in other situations. Anywhere you go, you’ll create a supportive network of contacts and mentors.

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Sample Courses

  • ​​​​Internship in Psychology​ 
  • Abnormal Psychology 
  • Theories of Personality 
  • History of Psychology in a Diverse World 

Student Stories

A young woman with dark hair smiles at the camera as she stands next to a giant poster with her final project.

“I have learned much more about myself along the way. In turn, I have been able to plan my future. I fell in love with psychological research throughout the course and intend to pursue it as a career.”

Shannon Moriarity
A young woman with long blond hair in a purple dress shirt stands in a library smiling at the camera.

“Making connections and becoming a leader are things I really didn’t see myself doing. I’ve found myself and gained all the skills I have through the encouragement of the people in this program.”

Colleen Hagan
A Vermont State alum ski racing down a snowy slope.

“I have learned much more about myself along the way. In turn, I have been able to plan my future. I fell in love with psychological research throughout the course and intend to pursue it as a career. ”

Linn Ljungemo

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