Beyond the Classroom 

Your academic program at Vermont State is the launching point to opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom.  

Here you can work with faculty on research; take part in internships that will open new doors; enjoy international travel and study experiences that will bring you in touch with new people and places; and join in service-learning opportunities to make positive change in communities near and far.  

At Vermont State, you can make your learning experience uniquely yours, with opportunities to connect with students across all of our campuses, too.  

Rich Research Experiences

At Vermont State, faculty-led research projects (often funded through competitive national grants) offer students fantastic hands-on experiences at a level not commonly available to undergraduate students. Participation in scientific research allows you to explore career paths while developing your technical and professional skills, helping you to kick-start your career after graduation or prepare you for graduate school.

Here’s just some of the research our students are taking part in:

  • Why do infants find some unexpected events surprising and others funny?
  • The role of nutrition in falls risk in older adults
  • DNA from the digestive tract of Katydids at a Smithsonian research facility on Barro Colorado Island in Panama
  • Impact of climate change on bird nesting habits
  • Reforestation efforts in a volcanic ash field in partnership with the Icelandic Forest Service
  • Fieldwork and 3D scanning of archaeological artifacts at the Lake Champlain Basin

Learn About the World, Near and Far

Ready to expand your point of view and immerse yourself in a different culture or community? You can at Vermont State.

Here, advisors will connect you with immersive study, research, internship, and volunteer programs across the country and the world. The specific organizations Vermont State campuses will work with will be decided soon. Stay tuned!

The Vermont State Johnson campus also offers Badger Alternative Breaks, in which students travel to U.S. communities during school breaks to work on such issues as disaster relief, homelessness in LGBTQ+ youth, torture abolition, and urban farming. The campus has sponsored 120 trips with 1,197 participants since 1991, and the program is expected to restart during the 2022-2023 school year.

Robust Internships for All

Learn by doing, with one or more of our community partners throughout the state and beyond. Vermont state professors and advisors will connect you with opportunities to learn and practice in your field, whatever your field.

Teach on the mountain. Take part in riparian restoration projects. Intern with a senator. Care for patients. Install renewable power. Fly a plane. Run sound for concerts.

Internships are a key part of the educational opportunities you’ll have here at Vermont State, and a key driver of your success after graduation, too.

“I know this is an opportunity that not everyone has access to, especially at a small school like ours. It really allows you to form relationships where you can participate in something of this scale and not be just another number.”
— Cassidy Yrsha, Biology, speaking about katydid research in Panama 

Roslyn discovered her passion for automation through an internship with a company she’s now employed with. “Automating a process makes someone’s life easier. It is gratifying to have a working program that positively affects someone else’s workflow.”
— Roslyn Parker, Computer Software Engineering 

“It’s real-life experience actually forecasting for a client who uses it to make decisions.”
— Rosemary Webb, Atmospheric Sciences, about her AOT internship