Countdown to Commencement

A group of Vermont State University graduates lined up in a parking lot.

Let the Countdown to Commencement Begin!

As we count down the days to Commencement Weekend, we’ll be taking time each day to celebrate VTSU’s incredible, Class of 2024 for all the ways they have learned, adapted, persisted, and achieved throughout their time in our educational community!

We’ve asked faculty, staff, students, alumni, and supporters to share photos, videos, and memories highlighting the many successes of this #firstclass of VTSU graduates.

We’re honoring the grit, grace, and gumption they have shown through a global pandemic; alongside fast-changing cultural, and environmental landscapes; an evolving institution, and a new perspective; high water marks, high snow drifts, high hopes, high-fives, and much more.

Commencement Countdown

1 DAY!

Graduates, you made it!

A few weeks ago, we asked faculty and staff at all Vermont State University campuses and learning sites to submit content to be featured in a photo and video slideshow looking back on our inaugural class and our first year at Vermont State University. VTSU Lyndon senior Chris Finn, of the Music Business & Industry program, provided the soundtrack with an instrumental version of his song “Here Now”. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to celebrating with everyone this weekend!


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