Program Specific Fees for Professional Pilot Technology

Course Fees

AER 1021$14,395
AER 1022$0
AER 1120$13,307
AER 2031$18,493
AER 2032$9,465
AER 3020$6,260
AER 3040$0
AER 4010$4,858
AER 4020$3,350
AER 4030$7108
AER 4110$0
AER 1053$50

These fees are based on the average number of hours to complete a course. Additional hours may be required and are billed on an hourly basis until successful completion. All required courses must use full flight hours.

Some flight courses begin as 141 with an enrollment certificate. If a student receives sufficient training to complete the FAA check ride with fewer hours, they can drop as 141 students and receive an FAA Part 61 check ride to complete. Excess funding must be returned to the VA or the student’s account after financial scrutiny of fewer flight hours.

FAA First Class Medical Examination & Drug Screening: $200
Completed by an authorized aviation medical examiner and a copy submitted to the Program Director or the Chief Ground Instructor by June 1 or start of classes.

FAA Written Exam Fees: $175 per exam
Five exams are required during the program.

FAA Examiner Fees: $600-1200 per check ride
Paid directly to the examiner before each oral and flight test for each certificate and rating.

Pilot Equipment: $1,500-2,500
Flight Bag, IPAD, Pilot Headset, Kneeboard, Foreflight subscription

Vermont Flight Academy carries liability and hull insurance, but pilots are always liable for damage to VFA aircraft that occurs as a result of their actions. In the event that damage occurs, VFA may extend limited liability coverage to students subject to policy coverage. Each student must purchase an individual non-owner policy to cover student liability protection for legal defense; deductible and loss of use; and subrogation.