Work Study and Student Employment

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Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a financial aid program funded jointly by the U.S. Federal Government and a pre-approved employer. The program was created to allow students to earn wages during college while working for nonprofit educational institutions, government, and community service employers. At Vermont State, an approved employer is either an office or department on campus or an off-campus nonprofit agency approved by the university. Final funding for the academic year is based on Congressional appropriations.

Vermont State does not place students in Federal Work-Study positions. Instead, we allow students the opportunity to find a job that is of interest to them and that fits into their schedule. FWS earnings are not applied to the student’s account. Students receive a biweekly paycheck for hours worked. Overtime is not authorized for FWS student employees and any overtime worked will be at the individual department’s expense. We do not guarantee employment, so students should apply as soon as they arrive on campus. There is a job fair at the beginning of the fall semester.

Students are able to apply for a work-study job and begin working upon being hired if:

  1. They are eligible for Federal Work-Study
  2. The financial aid file is complete — which means all required information has been received, reviewed, and processed
  3. They have registered at least six credits or more, and
  4. They have received an approval email from the Financial Aid Office.