Castleton Alumni Association

Did you know? 

As a graduate of Vermont State University Castleton, you’re automatically a member of the Castleton Alumni Association. You can find members in nearly every career field, making a positive impact across the state and around the world.   

Why is the alumni association important? 

The Alumni Association helps to connect alumni to each other and to Castleton, strengthening bonds of community and promoting the interests of the institution so it can continue to provide outstanding and transformative education for years to come. When we come together as a group, our impact is much greater than we can achieve on our own.  

Your Involvement Supports Alumni, the University, and Students

By volunteering and giving to the Alumni Association, you support and link three vital parts of the Vermont State University Castleton community.  

Benefits to Alumni 

  • Direct financial support for alumni activities 
  • Development of professional engagement and networking opportunities 
  • Funding for alumni organizations, events, discounts, and free resources 
  • Creation of connections among university alumni, faculty, students, and friends of Castleton 
  • Communication of exciting college and alumni news via online and print publications 
  • Celebration of alumni achievements through awards 

Benefits to the University

  • Support of Alumni Programs 
  • Recruitment of alumni to share time, talent, and counsel 
  • Identification and encouragement of potential students 

Benefits to Students

  • Grants for student projects 
  • Organization of professional networks, career-oriented events, and student-to-alumni connections 
  • Sponsorship of student leadership organizations 
  • Introduction to the alumni network and its value 

The Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the governing body of the Alumni Association and is responsible for the overall direction and management of the alumni association. Those who serve on the council play an important role in coordinating alumni activity in support of Castleton, its students, and its graduates. 

To find out more, contact Bo McDougall, Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement at 

You Benefit, Too

Did you know that you’re entitled to a number of privileges and benefits as a member of the Alumni Association? Start taking advantage of them today.