Institute of Canadian Studies

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Vermont State University: The Gateway to Canada 

At the Institute of Canadian Studies at Vermont State University, we strive to increase the understanding of Canadian politics within our region and the United States. It has been established that U.S. citizens lack general knowledge of Canadian governmental institutions and procedures, political organization, and perspectives that shape the political landscape of their northern neighbor. The Institute of Canadian Studies endeavors to address this knowledge gap by engaging students in experiential and cross-border studies. Vermont State Johnson’s proximity to Canada naturally lends itself to close contact and the exchange of information for promoting greater understanding of Canadian politics by its student population. 

A Relationship that Fosters High-Impact Learning

The Institute is a source of information as well as a gateway to repositories of Canadian political and cultural data. We’ve developed and fostered academic, governmental, and political connections through travel to Canada to immerse our students in Canadian politics. 

We use these international relationships to facilitate and advertise events that expose U.S. citizens to various viewpoints of Canadian politics, history, and culture. 

At Vermont State, we see the understanding of other cultures and countries as a key to developing more harmonious and cooperative transnational relations. Hence, the primary goal of the Institute of Canadian Studies is to initiate and participate in projects that educationally breach our shared border. 

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