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Alan Giese


Professor of Biology

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in learning about the natural world and spending time outdoors. With a biology degree in hand I embarked on a career in field biology. I had the pleasure of studying a variety of raptors up and down the West Coast including the California condor, peregrine falcon, American bald eagle, northern spotted owl, and northern pygmy owl. Those were exceptional years, and I could hardly believe my luck, making my living chasing birds through some of the most beautiful forests and mountains in the world. The need for stronger data analysis skills brought me back to academia, and two graduate degrees later I had decided I wanted to move back to the northeast and switch from the field to the classroom.

I love Vermont, and I love working at Lyndon. I enjoy taking students into the field and encouraging them to look carefully around. Science is great fun and immensely satisfying. At its core it is about paying close attention to what is around you, and building knowledge based on thoughtful reflection. I have been privileged to watch students complete the circle of learning by giving professional conference presentations to audiences of other researchers. It is wonderful to witness their progression.

For many years I researched ticks and tick-borne diseases. Lately I have switched, and begun to study the ecological impact of trails and mountain biking.