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Daniel Costin


Assistant Professor

Dr. Costin joined Vermont Tech in 2018 after many years designing aerospace structures, automotive transmission components, and wind turbines. He has developed software for multidisciplinary optimization of aircraft structures. Dr. Costin invented a low-cost pawl OWC that is commonly used in automatic transmissions. He has designed wind turbine blades and permanent magnet generators. These designs have been used in the industry-leading Northern Power 100kW wind turbine and other models. At Creare, Dr. Costin worked on a tethering system for autonomous helicopter deployment, a high-capacity spacesuit evaporator absorber radiator, an air compressor for Xenon isotope detection, and laser measurement of airfoils.

Other fun facts about Dr. Costin:

He has been awarded 25 patents
He loves to garden, swim, and cycle.
He’s the advisor of the Nerf Club