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Gary Marmer


Part-Time Professor

Professor Marmer serves as the President of ForceTen Marketing, a consulting firm specializing in assisting growing consumer-oriented businesses in devising effective marketing strategies and tactics. The company also provides digital and traditional marketing services, as well as sales training and management expertise to clients.

Professor Marmer’s professional journey began in the field of accounting at Boston Whaler. After obtaining his M.B.A. in marketing from Babson College, he joined Reebok, where he progressively advanced to become Director of Global Product Marketing and then Director of U.S. Brand Marketing.

During the late 1990s, Professor Marmer made the move to Vermont and took on the position of Vice President of Marketing at Questech, a startup venture that he helped evolve into a significant enterprise. Following this successful stint, he went on to become the President of a startup focused on outdoor apparel retail. Upon the sale of that company, Professor Marmer embarked on his own entrepreneurial journey with the establishment of ForceTen Marketing.