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Greg Petrics



Dr. Gregory “Greg” Petrics is a mathematician and educator with research experience in sub-Riemannian geometry, institutional research, and applications artificial intelligence to biomedicine. He studied applications of geometry to neuroscience and neural networks at Dartmouth College, and earned a Ph.D in Mathematics from Dartmouth in June 2011. In August 2011, Dr. Petrics began teaching all levels of mathematics courses at Johnson State College in Johnson, VT (which in 2017 became Northern Vermont University-Johnson [NVU-J], and in 2023 has been renamed Vermont State University-Johnson [VtSU-J]). In 2019, Dr. Petrics was the co-author of the NVU-J bachelor’s degree in Data Science, and became the leader of a new collaborative research program in applications of artificial intelligence to problems in pulmonary health care between NVU-J and the Washington State University’s Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine. He has several publications on applying artificial intelligence to diagnostic problems in pulmonary health care. At VtSU-J Dr. Petrics teaches a wide variety of undergraduate mathematics, education, data science, and computer science courses. Dr. Petrics teaches four or five courses per semester at VtSU-J.

In 2015 Dr. Petrics began working during the summer months with the Vermont Mathematics Initiative (VMI) as an instructor and a consultant to support VMI’s mission to improve the mathematics content knowledge and pedagogy of elementary and secondary educators and support staff in the State of Vermont. In 2020 Dr. Petrics was a co-author of the new Post-Masters Certificate of Graduate Study (CGS) in mathematics instruction at VMI. Dr. Petrics teaches one or two courses per year at VMI.

Starting in 2013, Dr. Petrics became involved in institutional research in the Vermont State College System (VSCS). He spearheaded the data collection and analysis for the successful Johnson State College 2016 re-accreditation application, and co-authored the re-accreditation self-study with Daniel Regan. He has also authored several internal VSCS reports related to student retention and success, including research into the relationship between engagement and success in online learning in the VSCS. He also provided support to Dr. Leslie Kanat for the implementation of the Student Transition, Achievement, Retention and Teaching grant funded project (2012 NSF DUE 1153457; $551,800).

His areas of current research involve institutional research related to student retention and success, and applications of artificial intelligence to diagnosis problems in pulmonary health care and other parts of biomedicine. He also works with undergraduate students on mathematical research and mathematics education development, including i) non-Euclidean tessellations, ii) open source teaching tools for geometry, algebra, calculus, and differential equations, and iii) applications of applications of artificial intelligence to professional sports and other related fields.

Dr. Petrics is the current research coordinator for VtSU-J to the Vermont Biomedical Research Network (VBRN). Students and faculty interested in utilizing VBRN resources to support a research program related to biomedicine should contact Dr. Petrics.

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