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Hannah Miller


Hannah Miller is an associate professor of education at VTSU-Johnson, where she is the co-director of the Inclusive Childhood Education program. Before returning to the United States to pursue her academic career in 2009, Dr. Miller lived in China where she taught science in formal elementary and secondary settings, and also English as a foreign language. During her time in China, she became interested in environmental education, which she has maintained as an academic pursuit throughout her career. Her dissertation used the agency/structure dialectic to examine how undergraduates envision the process of social change for sustainability and how they enact agency in local contexts to make the change they want to see in their own lives, their communities, and the world. 

Dr. Miller’s scholarship interrogates the process of social change through a critical lens in educational systems, with a focus on privilege, power, justice, and oppression. Dr. Miller’s current research project “TeachOut Vermont” uses critical participatory action research, and aims to build sustainable, equitable, and transformative social networks with and for queer, nonbinary, and transgender teachers in Vermont. This research is supported in part by the Spencer Foundation, the Vermont State University President’s Fund, and the Working Learning Communities grant. 

Dr. Miller grew up in Decatur, Georgia near Atlanta. She and her wife Lisa currently live in Morristown. Hannah and Lisa are avid birders and also enjoy playing Wingspan, disc golf, instruments, and hiking in Vermont with their dogs, Samwise and Clover. Hannah’s favorite hobby is knitting, and she enjoys going to fiber festivals and local yarn shops to collect yarn she doesn’t need.