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Philip Lamy

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Philip Lamy is a Professor of Sociology, Anthropology, and Cannabis Studies at Vermont State University, Castleton Campus, and the Coordinator of the Cannabis Studies Certificate Program Also, Dr. Lamy is an Applied Percussion Instructor in the Music Program on the Castleton campus. His teaching and research interests are in community studies, social movements, ethnomusicology, and cannabis studies. Dr. Lamy’s articles and commentary have appeared in the professional and popular media, including The Boston Globe, The London Times, Time Magazine, National Public Radio and the BBC. In 2019, Dr. Lamy and his colleagues created the Cannabis Studies Certificate Program, providing business, cultivation, historical and cultural instruction, and an internship in a professional cannabis company or setting. In addition, the CSCP provides graduates the opportunity to take the Vermont Cannabis Control Board’s “Employee ID Topic Training”, to turn out accredited Vermont cannabis employees.

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