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Sam Davis-Boyd


Program Coordinator & Assistant Professor

Sam Davis-Boyd is a documentary filmmaker whose work looks at feminist, women, fat bodies, and LGBTQ+ issues, with a focus on body politics. Sam finds it especially pertinent to make films about women and queer bodies in this day and age, as a way to bring attention to voices that are often silenced.

Her short documentary film, “The Body I Live In” (2019) won three national awards at film festivals, and has screened internationally at prominent film festivals and conferences. Sam was the Associate Producer on the feature length documentary “Ahead of the Curve”. She also served as Associate Producer on Johnny Symons short film “Hoodie”, camera operator for the feature documentary “Chasing Portraits”, archival researcher for the PBS special “Let Them Eat Dirt”, and did ITVS deliverables for the feature length documentary “The Providers”.

Currently, Sam is working on a documentary about telling the stories of rural queer people and and how we find community.