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Sergio Alvares

VtSBDC Statewide Business Advisor, Strategic Projects

Sergio is a statewide advisor who works with small business owners on ownership transition, financial preparedness, and technology/cybersecurity. His expertise helps clients optimize their time and money, reduce business risks, and make sound business decisions.

Prior to joining VtSBDC, Sergio was a senior associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co. where he led a global project team from finance, technology, and operations to automate financial processes.

A veteran of another Small Business Development Center, he has also served as a finance/technology business analyst and advisor at Delaware’s SBDC.

Sergio is fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian. He has lived and worked in Europe and Latin America. During his off hours, Sergio enjoys playing the cello and hiking in the Green Mountains.

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