Class of 2022

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Timothy Thibodeau

Associate Professor of Physics

Timothy Thibodeau joined the Natural Sciences faculty in the fall of 2014. He has always been interested in studying both Chemistry and Physics. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Saint Anselm College. As an undergraduate, he studied the surface chemistry of a high-temperature superconductor using infrared spectroscopy. Then, he went to the University of Maine to earn his doctorate in Physical Chemistry. While at the University of Maine, he was part of a renewable fuel research group. He utilized theoretical and experimental methods to determine ways of increasing the energy content of this fuel.

Before coming to the Castleton campus, he taught Chemistry and Physics classes at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School. He is a licensed science teacher who has a passion for improving science instruction at all levels. In 2022, he earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Castleton University, which focused on improving student outcomes through the analysis of schoolwide data.

In his teaching, Professor Thibodeau is enthusiastic about inspiring the next generation of scientists and teachers.