Inaugural Lyndees Awards

Three Vermont State University Students stand together on a red carpet.

Vermont State University Lyndon students shone brightly as they took center stage at the inaugural Lyndees Awards, an evening dedicated to celebrating outstanding achievements within the campus community. Held on April 29, the event brought together students from diverse programs to honor their peers for their remarkable contributions.

The Lyndees Award, which was named after the GRAMMYs® and Emmys®, served as a platform for students to recognize excellence within their respective programs and across campus. From Animation & Illustration to Outdoor Education Leadership and Tourism, each program proudly presented awards to deserving recipients who have demonstrated exceptional talent and dedication to their programs.

The five campus-wide accolades are designed to honor students whose influence extended beyond their individual programs to positively impact the entire Lyndon community. These awards acknowledged the invaluable contributions of students towards fostering a vibrant campus culture.

The idea behind this new event was the Music Business and Industry Collaborative Creativity in Music course, led by Associate Professor Brian Warwick. As part of the course’s curriculum, students are tasked with conceptualizing and executing projects that would enrich both the university and the local community. The Lyndees Awards stood as a testament to their creativity, collaborative spirit, and commitment to enhancing campus life.

The success of the Lyndees Awards underscores Vermont State University Lyndon’s commitment to nurturing a supportive and inclusive environment where students are empowered to excel both academically and creatively. As the curtain falls on this unforgettable evening, the spirit of camaraderie and achievement continues to reverberate across the Lyndon campus.

Photos by Lilian Provencher @lilian.grace_photography: