Statement from Vermont State University on Global Foundries Securing $1.5 Billion in Planned Direct Funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce

The following is a statement from Vermont State University Interim President David Bergh on the news that business partner, Global Foundries has secured $1.5 billion in federal funding, some of which will support their groundbreaking chip manufacturing operations at their Essex, Vermont facility:

“On behalf of Vermont State University (VTSU), we are delighted to congratulate our partners at GlobalFoundries (GF), who recently received $1.5 billion in planned direct funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce as part of the U.S. CHIPS and Science Act. This investment will help GF to expand and create new manufacturing capacity at their Essex Junction, Vermont facility to increase their capabilities to securely produce more essential chips for automotive, internet, aerospace, defense and other vital markets in Vermont. The funding will also enable GF to update its Vermont facility.

“We are proud to partner with GF on the GlobalFoundries Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship Program, which helps build the workforce they need to do their important work. As high-tech jobs grow, Vermont industry increasingly needs maintenance technicians to manage complex processes and maintain advanced equipment. GF and VTSU have partnered to educate more students—especially recent high school graduates and Vermonters looking for a career change—to fill open positions.

“At VTSU, we are proud that in Vermont, state and local officials, university partners and business and community leaders work together to create shared successes; we consider it our mission to train students for meaningful and needed positions here in our state.”