Student Government Associations

A group of students sitting around a conference table.

Want to make a big difference on campus? There’s no better way to make an impact than by serving on the Student Government Association (SGA) of your Vermont State campus (Student Council on the Randolph campus).

Students elect SGA leaders and representatives, who make decisions about many campus issues and work to address students’ needs related to campus policies, procedures, and rules. The SGA promotes cooperation between the student body and administrators, faculty, and the surrounding off-campus community.

The SGA also approves and partially funds student clubs, entertainment, and special events and projects that vary by campus.

SGA meetings are open to all students, and you’re encouraged to voice concerns and give input on issues. If you’re motivated to help your peers and create a great campus environment at Vermont State, consider running for the SGA.

Student Government Association Members 2023-2024