Alexandra Hutchins

Alexandra Hutchins knew she wanted to remain close to home after graduating from high school. The Springfield, Vermont, native has found a home away from home at Vermont State University (VTSU) Castleton.

“The quiet and serene setting of the Castleton campus has provided me with the best place to live and study,” she said. “I have lived in Vermont my whole life, so being able to continue my studies in a place of familiarity and comfort gives me lots of peace-of-mind and allows for maximum productivity.”

Alex was initially drawn to Vermont State University’s Castleton campus because of its small class sizes and the family-like atmosphere on campus.

“What brought me to the Castleton campus is the tight-knit community that I knew would be the perfect place for me to grow as a person and form long-lasting relationships while getting the most out of my education,” she said.

When she first came to VTSU Castleton, Alex was unsure of what she wanted to study. Her future path became clear as a sophomore when she was able to dive into meaningful experiences on campus and make deeper connections with faculty and staff. The experiences include an internship in marketing and serving as a digital media ambassador for Castleton’s Office of Advancement.

The real-world, hands-on experience Alex has participated in as a student helped solidify her love of marketing and empowered her to switch her major to Marketing in the Business Administration department.  

“VTSU Castleton provided me with room for exploration of my interests when I began my studies, and eventually led to me deciding on Marketing as my major, solidifying my future goals as a business person,” she said.

Alex, who is a student-athlete on the women’s soccer team, believes that marketing will allow her to bring her creativity into the business world. She hopes to eventually lead her own corporate marketing team and work specifically in social media marketing.