Christain Kapoukranidis

Christian fulfilled a dream the year between high school and starting in the Graphic Design program: a full year of Amateur National Motocross racing. Racing since 2003, during that year on the road, Christian won three national titles — two U.S. titles and one Canadian.  

Christian took online general ed courses along the way, as getting started on college was part of the deal he and his father agreed to before his adventure began. The other part was to return home after that year away and study at Vermont State University’s Lyndon campus and work in the family’s House of Pizza in Lyndonville for one year. 

“I always wanted to see more of the country. I grew up in a college town and wanted something new,” he said. “I got it that year and came back with a new perspective.” 

Now three years into his college experience, that one-year obligation will culminate in a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, an Associate degree in Photography, and minors in both Marketing and Business. 

“I evaluated my options before beginning,” he said. “I went for the faculty and am really happy with the decision.” 

“I’ve been with the same professors from start to finish, and you know all your classmates here. The programs are so well-suited for me,” he said. “My advisor sat down with me and helped to open more doors, which led to taking more minors and working toward an associate’s, too. One thing led to the next and kept the ball rolling.” 

Christian, too, was a force in this process. The oldest son of a Greek immigrant, he’s driven to work hard. While in school, he works six days each week in the family business and is set to earn his private pilot’s license shortly before graduation. At the same time, he’s also managing the racing career for his younger brother, who’s currently touring and racing in the U.S. 

“I miss racing some, but I am really excited about everything I have going on now,” he said. “I’m just excited about where I’ve ended up.”