Devin Tingle

A Florida native, Devin started college wanting to study chemical engineering but found that major just didn’t fit what he wanted to do in the future. He ended up changing schools, changing majors, attending community college for a bit, and then he found Vermont Tech, which offers a four-year program in renewable energy “It ended up being the perfect opportunity for me,” he said. 

Devin found a welcoming community here, filled with opportunities to get involved, take the lead, and make connections. He became the president of the Planeswalkers club, a member of the Adventurers’ Guild and the Anime club, a resident assistant, and held a work-study position in the Alumni Relations department. 

Another selling point for Vermont Tech was the internship opportunity students have here. Devin jumped right into this, interning with AllEarth Renewables his first summer in Vermont. He worked as a field technician, doing installs, repairs, and inspections of the company’s solar trackers — “a really cool experience; the solar trackers produce a whole lot of power!”

Devin says he felt challenged and empowered at Vermont Tech, and built strong relationships with alumni, professors, and fellow students. “It’s been a fantastic experience! Vermont Tech helps you to build your community.”

After graduation, Devin headed West, landing in Beaverton, Oregon, where he’s working as a semiconductor install technician at the production facilities of Intel, while he works on making connections in the renewable energy field. He’s confident that work opportunities will increase as businesses rebound after COVID, and he positioned himself on the west coast because “a lot of the work in this field starts here.”

Devin’s short-term goal: to work in hydroelectric power. His longer-term goal: to get involved in research and development to improve the efficiency of current renewable energy sources, as well as develop new ones. “I really enjoy hydro power — especially tidal and river generators.”