Faith Poirier

As a high school athlete and now on the varsity basketball team, Faith Poirier was working with athletic trainers to prevent injuries before her games and practices. Now she’s planning her own career to help athletes avoid and treat injuries.  

Faith, an exercise science major, is pursuing a concentration in pre-professional athletic training. The University’s attentive faculty, options to earn certifications in the field before she graduates, and opportunities to build skills through real-world experience will help Faith stand out to employers or in a graduate program. 

An Exercise Science Lab on Campus 

On a visit to campus while in high school, “It was cool to see how much the exercise science program has to offer,” Faith said. She attended an exercise science class taught by Professor Greg Ledoux and toured the campus exercise physiology lab, with tools to measure cardiovascular fitness and other health metrics. That convinced her the Lyndon campus was where she should be. 

“The other schools I looked at weren’t nearly as impressive as what Dr. Ledoux was talking about in class,” Faith said. 

A Hands-On Education Provides Incredible Experience 

The challenging program helps position students to achieve greatness — in college and after they graduate. 

“With what students can do in their upper-level classes, we get a sense of what our career is going to be like because it’s all hands-on. We have opportunities that other schools don’t offer and it gives us another step in the right direction,” said Faith, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. 

Faith is looking forward to participating in the Health/Fitness Intervention Program — a clinical exercise program for older adults — in which students work with adults one-on-one for a semester. “It gives us a chance to get those first-time jitters out before we have to do it daily, and it’s good to see if that’s what we really want to do,” Faith said. 

She also plans to take a class that prepares students for an exam to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  

One-on-One Time with Professors, a Tight-Knit Campus 

Another advantage of the exercise science program is the accessible professors. “The faculty is so supportive,” Faith said. “They’re so understanding and always have an open door policy.” 

One part of campus life Faith values most is the welcoming community. “Everybody knows each other and is so friendly,” she said. 

The tight-knit community extends to varsity sports and residence life for Faith, as a member of the basketball team and a resident assistant (RA). “I’ve always thought of myself as a leader, and I love helping people out as an RA,” she said. “You’re there for them when no one else is.”