Katelyn Doran

Vermont State University (VTSU) Castleton’s small school feels set up alumni Katelyn Doran to accomplish her big dreams and build a successful career.

Originally from the town of Castleton, Doran took full advantage of the affordable education that served as her neighbor growing up to better set the foundation for her future.

“I loved going to a small school in a rural setting,” said Doran. “I grew up in Castleton and I always felt right at home.”

Currently living in Groton, Connecticut, Doran works full-time as a Physician Assistant at PhysicianOne Urgent Care. After completing her degree at VTSU Castleton she continued her education at Arcadia University to achieve a Master of Medical Science, Physicians Assistant Studies.

“I received an exceptional education at VTSU Castleton and I never would have survived PA school had I not been provided with such a strong foundation to build on,” she said.

Doran is thankful for each and every professor in the Natural Sciences Department who pushed her as a student and an individual.

“Work hard to reach your goals, and appreciate the people who are helping you to get there along the way,” Doran said. “Life after Vermont State will be exciting, but it will not always be easy. Do not take this time for granted, and enjoy the college experience while it lasts.”